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Giving Back to Our Gorillas



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During my 3 months experience filming the Gorillas, of Kahuzi Biega National Park, I was amazed by the work of the rangers making the habituation process possible.


The work that these heroes do is incredible, however I was made quickly aware of the unfair conditions. The Rangers in the national park aren't employed by the Pole Pole Foundation that receive donations and work with the communities . Whilst following their routine of long hours and little sleep yet always seeing their constant motivation made me realise just how much more they deserve.


My promise to them was to help build a new eco-lodge, providing them a warm, safe place to sleep and cook, providing a range of kit, including: tents, boots, rain covers and other essentials for these jungle conditions.


Upon hearing their passion for football, something they enjoy in their free time, I wanted to provide them with new kits too. A portion of the money raised would go to Rangers in support of their families, which they are unable to see during their dedicated work of ensuring the safety of the gorillas.

Many thanks,




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