I am extremely excited to be involved in this search for this majestic and beautiful species - if we succeed it gives us a second chance to save the northern white rhino, a win in the war against reckless poaching, and fresh hope for the people of South Sudan.

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New documentary hopes to discover extinct Northern White Rhinos

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The Last Northerner White Rhino
BBC2 2020. Expedition in Wau national park to find the last Northern white Rhino.
Camera: Red helium.
South Sudan.

BBC1. Series on primates around the world.
Mountain gorillas sequence
Camera: Red Helium
Virunga. DRC

Living Wild
CH4 2019. A series about Ol Pejeta conservancy.
Camera: Sony FS7,
Rig: Ronin2 and black harm

Attenborough’s  Life in Colour
BBC1 2019. Mandrill's séquence.
Camera: Red Gemini


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