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In this first-person account (My Congo), Vianet visits sites that evoke happy family memories, tours a famous chimpanzee sanctuary, films a variety of animals and birds in vast national parks, and makes his way through a remote jungle in search of his roots. find out more
Vianet has a passion for conservation and helping to give a voice to the voiceless. He supports charities which work with indigenous people, disadvantaged communities, endangered wildlife, human-wildlife conflict, as well as orphanages. Some of the charity work includes teaching children in orphanages in Africa to use donated camera equipment, and he also creates promotional video material to help charities with fund raising. These smaller productions are produced and edited by Vianet himself.
He is experienced with the use of the latest 4K and 8K camera technology, including Phantom flex, Red Dragon-Helium, Panasonic LT, ARRI AMIRA, Sony F55, Sony pmw 500, Sony FS7 and the use of drones, time-lapse equipment, steady cams and cranes. He has also appeared on screen as a witness cameraman for documentaries including BBC’s My Congo and the upcoming BBC wildlife documentary First Year on Earth.
Vianet holds a degree in film and moving image production. Other qualifications include the HEFAT Hostile environments course and a PfCO Drone Pilot license. Vianet is fluent in English and French.
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